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My has been teaching for more than 16 years and she has a great experience from working with children, teenagers and adults.

My teaches both professional and non professional dancers and her goal is always to give her students a kinesthetic experience and discover the joy of moving.

My is very interested in the dancer's relationship to the floor and over the years, she has developed her own approach to what floor technique can be. Here the emphasis is on how to use the body in an economical way when dancing and to think of the floor as our most important partner.

Dynamics, weight sharing and the use of momentum are important key words in My´s teaching, where the tempo is high and the exercises are complex.

My also teaches creative workshops. Here the focus is on how to use our imagination to find our own unique movement language. During the workshop My guides the students through different exercises to open up for their fantasy and creativity. Along the way, she inspires and gives the students tools, in how to make their own movements. Towards the end they are able to compose and put together their material into a dance score or a longer choreography.